Sustainable KIOSK for Extra Ordinary City

On 17-20th May 2018, BINUS University invites Prof. Shinichi Ito from Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan. He will come and give seminar and workshop.

This event will be conducted by School of Design and will be a collaborative project between New Media program and Interior Design department. Our direction for design will focus on interdisciplinary subjects.

Last year, after visited Musashino Art University, also a member of ico-D (International Design Council) we would like to have partner in Japan that can do collaborative projects in the future. MAU is one of the top art and design university and it will be great if we can have good relation with them. As we have known, in Japan, collaboration cannot be done easily since all the decision and recommendation must come from their professors.
Prof. Ito has annual collaboration with ITB, Bandung (it has been done for 10 years) and he comes to Indonesia frequently with his students.

Our main purpose for this event is to introduce BINUS University and if he feels comfortable to work and collaborate with us in project, Prof. Ito plans to propose new project to MAU for next year and he can bring his students to come and do project with us every year.
Also, this year is the celebration for 10 years anniversary of Interior Design Department. Therefore, this event will be the “pre-event” for DI anniversary.