Christmas Market

BINUS UNIVERSITY to participate in Christmas Market
On 24th November 2018, BINUS UNIVERSITY is set to participate in the annual Christmas Market organized by Die Bruecke (the bridge) — a foundation established by the German-speaking community living in Indonesia. This year, the event will take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Jakarta and will provide an opportunity for Die Bruecke to showcase the different cultures of countries that have significant number of German speakers — Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The event includes a market with local handicrafts. As such, BINUS UNIVERSITY will have its own booth at the event and encourages guests to visit and learn more about BINUS Northumbria School of Design.
As part of its mission, Die Bruecke aims to be a bridge between businesses and communities in Germany and Indonesia. Through its Christmas market, the foundation can thus illustrate aspects such as unique halal, non-halal and vegetarian dishes from meat loaf to sauerkraut to sausages and pretzels, as well as highlighting the distinctive traditional attires of Germany and how it celebrates Christmas. BINUS UNIVERSITY took the opportunity to present several handicraft products produced by an alumnus of the BINUS Northumbria School of Design, Ms. Karlina as well as its current Head of the Fashion Design program, Ms. Ratna Dewi Paramita.
Ms Karlina is the driving force behind Zanneta, a brand that produces scarfs that utilizes unique motifs that were inspired by Indonesia’s Betawi culture. This includes using contemporary designs that incorporate traditional instruments, dance, folktale and food. Ms Paramita is the Creative Director of MITA Jewellery and the brand produces its jewellery by hand. Inspired by the spirit of youth and pop culture, the products have gain prominence in markets in Europe as well as Asia.
In participating in the Christmas market, BINUS UNIVERSITY will demonstrate to guests its impact in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of its students and staff. This has resulted from the institution’s innovative approach to higher education by developing curricula that fully supports creative minds keen on leading major industry and academic breakthroughs.