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Binus International Film Program
FX Sudirman 6th floor
JL. Jenderal Sudirman – Pintu Satu Senayan
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The “Binus International Film Week 2016” is the second annual of film festival event that would be held by Binus International Film Program and KINE Club. Film Week would be open for filmmakers all around Indonesia, especially the young filmmakers who would like to broaden their opportunities to meet and share their experiences to other filmmakers. The event would also open the opportunities for young filmmakers to present their films in front of diverse audiences.
Film Week 2016 would be a part of Binus International Annual Event called Artvolution, which is a collaboration event between Binus Northumbria School of Design (BNSD) Graphic Design Major, BNSD Fashion Major, and Binus International Film Pro-gram. Artvolution works toward the ongoing growth of art in today’s society as well as exhibiting innovative and creative artworks from its participants. Furthermore, Artvolution also aims to expose and promote the creative capabilities of BINUS INTERNATONAL students as well as the associated companies that will join us in the event.
The involvement of participants in the event is highly encouraged to produce maximum outcome of this event. Guests are also welcome to experiment and participate in various workshops and competitions where they will be able to show their creativity in this particular event.


(not) everybody can make (good) films
Film is an art form, film is one of the most important media industries, and film is a form of human communication. Filmmaking is a modern storytelling. The film program at BINUS INTERNATIONAL believes that studying filmmaking is not only about developing technical skills and creativity, but also of gaining and applying knowledge of aesthetics, social science, humanities and also the film business itself.
We still believe in workshop-bound learning, where filmmakers must develop their skills and knowledge by constantly experiencing different stages in filmmaking process and different positions in lm production lines. Our students must make films each seme-ster, as we believe that portfolios are crucial for their professional works. The program starts to expose the industry to our students from the first semester and expose the stu-dents to the industry towards the end of the program.
However, nobody can make good films without social skills, insight, sensibility, and analytical thinking. It is a challenge for us to teach these qualities to high school gra-duates, but the system and the curriculum are designed to fulfill them to the passionate ones. Those who really wants to be film producer, director, scriptwriter, film critics, or to do other jobs in the film industry.


An event of film exhibition and film discussion in 2 days that would present the opportunities of learning and sharing, which include screening of short films, exhibition of short films by film students, talk show from influential people in film industry, and Short Film Competition for high school students across Indonesia.


1. To screen short films by film students in front of a wider and diverse audience.
2. To share experiences to fellow filmmakers from different places and different backgrounds.
3. To build a good relationship and support other filmmakers, especially film stu-dents.
4. To offer a chance for high school students to have their films screened in front of other filmmakers.

1. To encourage students to appreciate and become familiar with contemporary In-donesian popular arts.
2. To promote the film created by Indonesia youths in front of diverse and wider au-dience.
3. To reach out the people who have passion in film and filmmaking in Indonesia to gather and share their experiences.


Date : Friday, December 9th 2016– Saturday, December 10th 2016
Time : 10:00 – 19:00
Place : Binus International University FX Campus and
Cinemaxx FX Sudirman (to be confirmed)


Short Film Competition
The competition would be held for high school students across Indonesia. The duration of the short films maximum is 15 minutes. The competition would start on October and the result would be announced on Film Week 2016. Any short films by high school students, which were made in the year of 2015 and above would be eligible. We would have a preliminary round to select the finalists. The winners would be determined by our judge panel, which are Adilla Amelia as the Head of Binus International Film Program, an In-donesian filmmaker (TBA), and an Indonesian actor (TBA). The winners of the competi-tion would be rewarded with cash reward, certificate, Binus International benefit (tenta-tive), and the screening of their films in Film Week 2016.

Talk Show & Screening
Film Week 2016 would like to invite the cast/filmmakers representation of the Indonesian feature film “Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss! Part 1”(to be confirmed). We would offer the chance for the production team to share their experience, especially in film mar-keting. We would also like to open a chance of Q&A for the audience.
We would also like to have a screening and discussion about censorship, regarding Chairun Nissa’s latest documentary film “Potongan”.

Film Students Showcase
Film Week 2016 would like to screen the short films that made by film students. The showcase would not only for Binus International Film students, but also other filmsby high school students that would like to participate. We would choose some of the best short films from various genres to be screened. We would also have a special screening of Binus International Film Graduates.


Publication of Short Film Competition in Film Week 2016
Date : Early October 2016– November 2016

Deadline Submission for Short Film Competition
Date : Wednesday, 9th November 2016

Preliminary Round for Short Film Competition to select the finalists
Date : Wednesday, 16th November 2016– Friday, 18th November 2016
Jury : TBA

Judging Panel for Short Film Competition to select winners
Date : Monday, 21st November 2016– Thursday, 24th November 2016
Jury : 1. Adilla Amelia (Head of Binus International Film Program)
2. Indonesian filmmaker (TBA)
3. Indonesian actor/actress (TBA)

Announcing Short Film Finalists
Date : Friday, 25th November 2016

The schedule for the screening &discussion is as follows,
Date : Friday, 9th December 2016
Time : TBA
Venue : Binus International FX Campus
Guest : Chairun Nissa, “Potongan” (to be confirmed)

The schedule for the talkshow is as follows,
Date : Saturday, 10th December 2016
Time : TBA
Venue : Binus International FX Campus
Speaker : Production team of “Warkop DKI Reborn: Jangkrik Boss!”
(to be confirmed)

The schedule for Film Week Awarding Night and Screening for Short Film Competition winners and Binus Film Best of 2016 is as follows,
Date : Saturday, 10th December 2016
Time : TBA
Venue : Cinemaxx (to be confirmed)


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1. Social Media Booster. We would like to ask for your help to promote our event in your social media platform: instagram, facebook, and twitter.
2. Publishing in Media Platform. We would like to ask for your support in publishing about our event in your media platform, could be printed or broadcast.

Binus Film Week 2016 also would like to thank you for your media partner support with:

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2. Pronouncing the names of all the media partners for the whole event “Binus Film Week 2016”. 

Head Film Section: Event Supervisor Film Week:
Sharon Jenniska Windu Jusuf
0812-1996-1162 0857-4334-0089

Treasurer Film Week:
M.I.R Caesariko