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education to all interested education in Poland. “Some of these people responded positively to the invitation and waiting empty space, and these voices actually missed in the discussion. But let’s also clear, these two central trade unions and clubs can not terrorize the opposition and sabotage any dialogue and any discussions on the future of education in Poland “- podkreslil.Pytany who have already responded to the invitation of Prime Minister replied:” We do not expect an answer. We hope that people who are interested in the future of education in Poland just come and they will talk. We wait quietly until 12 December. I hope that I will stand before the High Court of Justice of the EU, where we will show, prove that Poland operates in accordance with the law. Mistakes will be before you actually have to fix it, it’s not the slightest doubt. We will look for the guilty clashed, who brought the enormity of the tragedy in the Bialowieza Forest.

I think that the truth will prevail. We have all the details for doing so, to prove that it has become a tragedy, and was caused by the PO and the PSL in 2012. – said Minister of Radio Maryja. Szyszko estimated that during the reign of the PO-PSL in 2008. “Ideological reasons” changed the management and use of the Bialowieza Forest, which led to the gradation tree pests and, consequently, loss of habitat. The head of the Ministry of Environment stressed that the Court of Justice did not impose any penalty on Poland. He stressed that heread more would do it if proven violation of the law, and this is impossible, because 100 percent in Poland. implements EU law and the legal provisions of the Court. “Already on December 12 will begin the official hearing. Wheels liberal-leftist any price they want to achieve some success, but they fail in any way because in Polish is actually 100 per cent, represented EU law” – said Szyszko. “The Court of Justice if favors – to put it mildly – the wheels liberal lewackim, is tendentious, because it can be said after the hearing of 11 September.

Poland is indeed regarded as a country that needs to somehow humiliate” – the minister added. On Monday, the Court held that in addition to emergency and absolutely necessary to ensure public safety, Poland must immediately cease clippings in the Bialowieza Forest. For breaking the ban threatens 100 thousand. euros a day penalty. The Court stated that account should be taken of the European Commission’s proposal for interim measures, which confirm the order immediately suspend clippings in the wilderness until the settlement of the dispute between the Polish and the European Commission. If, however, the Commission concluded that Poland does not respect the order of the Court will be able to request a new procedure. If the Court confirms that the sector continues, Poland will order the Commission to pay to a fine of at least 100 thousand. per day. (PAP) by Jerzy Exhilaration editor: Marek Michalowski The fact that the position of the Minister of Justice within Mateusz Morawiecki weakened somewhat, evidenced by his failure in the management of large companies cast Treasury.

It is still, however, a key figure in the ruling party. It evidenced by the fact that – according to the information DGP – he will get the opportunity to speak at the upcoming congress of the PiS. In addition to President Kaczynski and Jaroslaw heads of coalition parties Jaroslaw Gowin and Zbigniew Ziobry.zobacz also Morawiecki: Wages for our governments to grow an average of 4,6-5 percent. year ┬╗Rollercoaster Morawiecki in companies since the autumn of 2015. entered the government sought to equip it with the appropriate tools to implement the economic strategy of the government. He saw them in state-owned companies. At the beginning of the Deputy Prime Minister he came under the wing of the bank PKO BP.

At the same time he began the construction of a financial group, which was to be the flywheel Morawiecki plan. Led by its resort development took control of the Polish Investment and Development company and transformed it into Polish Development Fund. Around the PFR started consolidating other entities, such as the National Economy Bank, Export Credit Insurance Corporation and the Industrial Development Agency, gradually reflected different ministries. Deputy Prime Minister was a political success for the rescue chair of the President of PKO BP Zbigniew Jagiello, who manages the bank since 2009. Deputy Prime Minister appetite grew. Difficult relationship with Paul Szalamacha ended in the resignation of the latter, and Deputy combined personal union ministries of finance and development.

Shortly afterwards it was decided to liquidate the treasury department. It was an opportunity to expand spolkowego portfolio of Deputy Prime Minister for another champions, including Group Azoty, Stock Exchange & General Insurance, in addition controlling Alior Bank. Position Morawiecki Law and Justice together with the increased influence in the companies. However, the law on supervision of the assets of the Treasury changed the rules of the game: the keys handed state assets to the Prime Minister Awl. Now she can share them with other ministers. Mateusz Morawiecki got the proper credentials and wanted to furnish the boards of the way. But the problems started right from the start.

After the cancellation of the beginning of the year Margaret Zaleska as president WSE candidate Deputy Prime Minister Rafal Antczak did not get the approval of the Financial Supervisory Commission (her boss Marek Chrzanowski is closely associated with Adam Glapinskim, president of the Polish National Bank). Antczak resigned when it turned out that it does not meet the formal requirements to the Warsaw szefowac Parkiet. Real impact of development and finance minister on the Stock Exchange shrank because Morawiecki candidate for president had to agree not only with the Prime Minister, but also with the President of the NBP. – The new head of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Marek Dietl is the result of a compromise, but it allows the deputy prime minister to keep the impact on the company – says our source close to the MR. Antczak fitting to place on the board of PZU also failed. Morawiecki did not come because of PZU attempt to remove from the influence of Zbigniew Ziobro, Minister of Justice. March appeal Krupinski Michael, who led the insurer several months, although accepted by the President of the Law and Justice was held behind Prime Minister Beata Awl. The head of the government, however, benefited from the powers that gave her a new law on companies of the State Treasury.

It led to changes in the composition of the supervisory board and the president in the chair sat close collaborator canceled president – Paul salad. Krupinski last week and found himself on the board of the newly zrepolonizowanego Bank Pekao. Because its main shareholder of PZU, and there is a card giving away Beata Awl. – Today the company with Zbigniew Ziobro it controls PZU, Alior Bank and Bank Pekao. And these had to be subordinated to Mateusz Morawiecki. Deputy Prime Minister was bodies – says our interlocutor with the government. Our interlocutors from the government circles indicate that the story has come full circle with the companies, and the deputy returned to build their position on the basis of PKO BP. Elected for another term there was Zbigniew Jagiello.

The Board increased by Rafal Antczak. Political gameplay budget loss of influence in the companies does not mean that Mateusz Morawiecki lost all political tool. I take off work on the project next year’s budget. For now, the ministers send a letter to the Ministry of Finance about its financing needs for 2018. At the street.

Kielce dampen expectations, however, and Leszek Skiba, deputy finance minister, in an interview with PAP announced that it can not count on the nominal increase in spending next year. In other words, in real terms for the issue will be slightly less than this year, which may be difficult to swallow for colleagues from the government. The DGP Monday we reported that although the expenditure rule allows the grant in 2018. More than 36 billion zl more, the needs are so great that you need to find savings of several billion dollars. – Even if some expenses will be cut down, and so there is a lot of room to build a position in the government and in the Law and Justice – says our interlocutor with MR. However, paradoxically, the deputy public finances can become a prisoner of success.

Tax revenues are much higher than in previous years. Both the Ministry of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister himself eager to praise it. The result: the PiS politicians are growing expectations that there will be money to make further demands. In subsequent years, the budget dilemma gets worse, because it will increase the pressure on election expenses. Law and Justice won the election precious promises.

As we approach the next elections within the whole camp, the government appeared to be more and more ideas on how to fix gratitude to voters. – We gave the families of 500 plus, now we must think about seniors – said one of the PiS politicians. The government may arise ideas such as looking for a new indexation of pensions. Except that despite a significant improvement in the income of the budget also grow predetermined expenses. Space for additional gestures will be so little, and perhaps not at all. This year alone, 500 plus the cost will be nearly 1.5 billion zl higher than foreseen in the draft budget. Will increase the burden of the budget pensions.

In addition to lowered the retirement age, more and more it will cost indexation of benefits. A few years ago it was little more than 3 billion zl per year. In 2018. It will be 4.8 billion zl (if inflation was higher, the cost also rises). Meanwhile, Brussels promised austerity: next year the general government deficit is expected to fall from 2.9 percent. GDP to 2.5 per cent., And in 2019.

To 2 percent. According to experts, it is not just about fulfilling commitments to the European Commission, but to preserve the Polish financial security. Since 2013. We have to deal constantly with economic growth, the outlook is favorable, but in the coming years have to reckon with the possibility of slowing down. PAP: What was the social context the creation of the NRA? Do you agree with the opinion that the public in the mid-70s was characterized by conformism, apathy and intimidation?

Zofia Romaszewska: In our country, unfortunately, fear is a constant thing and to this day we have a problem with him. Because – as many people think – just in case, better to lay low. Conformism was also a feature of that time, especially because in the 70s it was a little bit better. Taken a loan, people have a little better financial situation, were bought washing machines were bought small Fiats. More people could go to the countries of people’s democracy – to Bulgaria or Yugoslavia.

But in this PRL it was mostly boring. It was terribly boring and wondered even with my husband Zbigniew Romaszewski, or perhaps we should not go to Bulgaria, for example, or not to buy this little Fiat to just change something. It was a gray times. Certainly broke the boredom of the events of June 1976 years. Is society underwent official propaganda speaking about “warcholach” from Radom and Ursus?

In my opinion, people are actually very experienced, that there was a rebellion, but because of the propaganda were not that impressed. They portrayed workers as hooliganism, horrible element, for which in general does not have a speech that was a decent working-class rebellion. It broke the revolt workers, but only much, much later. When and under what circumstances, Zofia and Zbigniew Romaszewski learned about the initiative of the creation of the NRA? What if you thought about it? About the same repression against the workers, of course, it was known in the June 1976 year.

We also knew that our colleagues are beginning to organize help for these workers, for example. Henry Wujec or people with “Black Ones” (Warsaw scout team). Aid workers from being carried Ursus, who was so close to Warsaw and also gradually learned how it was really their protest. Also we learned about what was in Radom. And we began to collect money for those rebelling workers, because it was clear that they need our help, including legal protection. This was before our holiday in Tarasowce. But one day during the holiday came to us either Ludek Wujec Henry, who asked if there zaangazowalibysmy in the case of aid workers.

And we answered them briskly that yes, of course, that is not the case. And in late August and early September we started to travel to Radom. As for the creation of KOR, it was necessary to form a protective umbrella over those who expose themselves to power. It was known that as someone caught, he is very hard to pay for it. That’s why it was so important to our elites in such situations could speak, for example, that rebellion is legitimate, because prices had increased and life became extremely difficult. And the NRA was constituted on 23 September 1976, although we believe that should occur even earlier. What was the reason for your involvement in the activities of the opposition?

The fact engage in this opposition was already a secondary thing, but then we directly involved in helping people who had been horribly beaten and locked up in jail unjustly. We felt that there absolutely have to run to their rescue. Because this situation is so unfair, that this must not allow. This was the primary reason for that we engage in this assistance. Later, when we have to travel to Radom and established Workers’ Defense Committee, well, we came to the conclusion that you should think about how it really looks like in reality PRL.

Well, it turned out that the reality that we saw in Radom was absolutely different from the reality in Warsaw. For me, it made a huge impression that living in Radom was several times lower than in the capital. I could not imagine that it’s possible. And because if the workers in Radom and Warsaw have the same skills, they should get paid the same, but it turned out that is not the case that those of Radom earn half or even 1/3 of what you in Warsaw. NRA created people from very different backgrounds.

In addition to working people still in the Second Republic and the generation of AK, were young people in their late twenties. What they joined? I must say that it was a strong bond built on what we told our parents, our grandparents. The flow of information between generations was huge. Let us remember that it was not a raging time television, not to mention of course the internet, which was not.

At the time, we are not only perfectly understood, but even managed to have fun together. This is what all of us in common, it was absolute opposition to the so far unheard and injustice. And everyone from first to last, regardless of other differences in views, we were of the same opinion.