#MTalkBTV with MVP Pictures presents “5 Cowok Jagoan: A Filmmaking Workshop”

BINUS TV, collaborating with MVP Pictures, held a filmmaking workshop to discuss and promote about the latest Indonesian movie, “5 Cowok Jagoan”, directed by Anggy Umbara, a renowned Indonesian film director, known for his distinctive directing style in “Comic 8” franchise. 5 Cowok Jagoan used what considered as the most advanced Computer Generated Imagery technology in Indonesia. In this M-Talk session, Anggy Umbara shared his filmmaking experiences while directing the movie// 5 Cowok Jagoan tells a story about a group of super humans that gather to fight an attack of zombies//

M-Talk presents 5 Cowok Jagoan: A Filmmaking Workshop invited Nirina Zubir, Ario Bayu and Cornelio Sunny as the casts of the movie. This event was also attended by Anggy Umbara as the director, Cherry Wirawan as the special effects make-up artist, and Amrit Punjabi as the producer. Together they shared about their filmmaking process which its principal photography lasted in about 25 days// Anggy Umbara told a unique story about his directing experience in this movie, while Cherry Wirawan shared about his creative process of giving a realistic touch for the zombie make-up. Nirina Zubir, Ario Bayu and Cornelio Sunny explained about their approach on developing their characters and incorporating them to their acting signature.

5 Cowok Jagoan is one-of-a-kind action comedy movie that will be released on December 14th 2017 all across Indonesia. The unique value of the movie is hoped to entertain the audience, added with advanced CGI technique that makes this movie different from other Indonesian action movies.