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Arrest reports that handles the Polk County area are personally compiled by the Northwest Crime Examiner. These studies are for regional media purposes. The following is the Polk charge document for Saturday May-16, 2015. The survey features a complete set of arrests, information regarding available offender photographs, bonding info and prior more All information is received in the County Sheriff’s Workplace, unless specified otherwise. The following people were busted and incurred together with the violations given below. Go through the embedded links within each listing to look at the previous arrests document that is complete. Links to arrests ahead of 2009 won’t be integrated.

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Alexander Scott Goss of Cedartown incurred and was arrested with intoxication. After submitting a $400 write my essay org residence connection Goss was launched the same morning. See also (10/30/2013) Tony Aubrey Merritt, 54, of Cedartown was arrested and priced with DUI(booze), driving on hanging certificate, open pot, safety-belt infringement, failure to observe stopsign, inability to maintain street and making the landscape of an accident. Merritt premiered on 5/17 after submitting home securities totaling $4,692. Richard Turner of Cedartown charged and was imprisoned with public drunkenness. Turner was released the exact same time after paying a $205.50 income attachment. See also (6/27/2012) Kerry Waymond Wooden, 26, of Cedartown was arrested and billed with easy assault beneath the Household Violence Act (FVA) and terroristic threats and acts (FVA).

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After posting home securities totaling $ 2, timber premiered exactly the same time. See also (5/17/2014) The arrest stories within this list do not reflect purity or the particular guilt of individuals or the average person listed. Until they are confirmed guilty in a courtroom of law, all celebrations are assumed innocent. Not every arrest or demand leads to a conviction. An or an acquittal is likely to be based on the court program.