The Asian English Olympics is Back!

Jakarta—2017—The Asian English Olympics is back! This prestigious and mostly awaited English competition in Asia will finally return in February 2017. This year, The Asian English Olympics will adapt “Live Your Aspiration” as its main theme. The value of this theme is to embrace the competition, achievement, and also preparation that can be implemented in this competition. Not only mentioning the preparation that can be done in this competition, learning and growth are also embraced through this competition.

This sixth Asian English Olympics will bring eight competitions to all participants who want to live their aspirations. The eight competitions consist of Debate, Speech, Spelling Bee, Short Story Writing, Scrabble, Newscasting, Storytelling, and also our newest branch competition Radio Drama. To make it more exciting and fun, The 2017 Asian English Olympics will also hold the Pre-Event of 2017 Asian English Olympics which is an online competition. The online competition consists of Newscasting, Speech, and also Storytelling in which the winners will get free registration and accommodation in The 2017 Asian English Olympics.

This year, The 2017 Asian English Olympics will be held in Jakarta from February 9th – 13th 2017, specifically in Binus University-Kemanggisan Campus. The competition will be joined by many Asian countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macao, The Philippines, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Bangladesh, and also Laos. This event is not an ordinary competition. But Instead, it will be filled by many other fun activities within. Some of the events that will fill the excitement are The Opening Ceremony of The 2017 Asian English Olympics, The Coaching Clinic, The Breaking Announcement, and also The Closing Ceremony of The 2017 Asian English Olympics.

The fun events and also the challenging theme of The 2017 Asian English Olympics will hopefully live people aspiration and we welcome you to this mostly awaited English competition in Asia.

  1. can we see the english olympic on binus tv ?