Bijac no Tanjoiwai 9

Its time for some giveaways~ We would be giving out exclusive privilege for you lucky winners to take a picture, using your personal device, with our guest cosplayers. The cosplayers have not been revealed, but they would definitely be of some caliber. The chance to win this is not slim, a total of 60 winners shall be awarded!!

  1. Share and comment Guess The Cosplayer Poster (From Thursday to Friday) 10 Winners
    2. Like and share Guest Cosplayer Poster (From Saturday to Sunday) 10 Winners
    3. Like, share and comment on our updated general poster (Monday to Wednesday) 10 Winners
    4. Like and comment our updated general poster in Instagram @bijac_tanjo9 (Monday to Wednesday) 5 Winners
    5. Like and retweet our updated general poster in Twitter @bijac_tanjo9 (Monday to Wednesday) 5 Winners
    6. Be the first ones to vote in the “Visitor’s Choice” for our fan art competition (D-Day) 10 winners
    7. Be the first ones to buy a merchandise in our booths (D-Day) 10 winners

Increase your chance to win by participating in all of the giveaways. Winners shall be chosen at random and announced as soon as the results are collected. So stay tuned and see you on tomorrow’s giveaway~ ^^

Waktu-nya untuk giveaway~ Kami akan memberikan kesempatan untuk beberapa orang yang beruntung untuk mengambil foto dengan guest cosplayer kami menggunakan gadget kalian! Memang, Cosplayer Guest kami belum di reveal, tapi pasti-nya akan seru banget loh. Kesempatan-nya pun juga banyak, ada 60 pemenang.

  1. Share dan comment Poster Tebak Cosplayer-nya (Kamis – Jumat) 10 Pemenang
    2. Like dan share Poster Guest Cosplayer (Sabtu – Minggu) 10 Pemenang
    3. Like, Share dan Comment poster terbaru kami (Senin – Rabu) 10 pemenang
    4. Like dan Comment poster terbaru kami pada Instagram kami @bijac_tanjo9 (Senin – Rabu) 5 pemenang
    5. Like dan Retweet poster terbaru kami pada Twitter kami @bijac_tanjo9 (Senin – Rabu) 5 pemenang
    6. Jadilah yang pertama untuk voting dalam rangkaian acara “Visitor’s Choice” untuk Fanart Competition kami (Hari-H) 10 pemenang
    7. Jadilah yang pertama untuk membeli merchandise BIJAC di Booth kami 10 pemenang.

Raih kesempatan untuk memenangkan dengan mengikuti semua giveaway. Pemenang akan dipilih secara random dan akan di announce setelah semua pemenang dipilih. Maka dari itu, pantau terus dan sampai bertemu pada giveaway besok! ^^