ECOM 2015

BEST (Binus English Society) proudly presents our annual event, ECOM 2015 (English Competition) with the theme ” Travelling Around The World With English”. This year’s theme aimed to emphasize the young generation that English can take and encourage them to embrace the world’s dynamic culture. ECOM 2015 itself had become a platform for high school and university students to extend themselves and become humble, talented citizen of English-speaking world. The competitions held at ECOM 2015 were speech, debate, newscasting, spelling bee, scrabble, and story writing. ¬†With interesting prizes, performances and the ultimate quality of the competition, ECOM 2015 did not only improve the English proficiency of the participants but we also hoped that ECOM 2015 had been able to deliver a pleasant and unforgettable experience for everyone who participates in ECOM 2015. This event was held in Binus International University, Jakarta from 17 – 19 of September 2015.We had prizes that were worth up to 40 million rupiah.

Our winners this year are; Debate competition (Best Speakers Category): 10TH STEPHANIE ELIZABETH PURWANTO (SPH A), 9TH KELSEY KARA CLARKE (SPH A), 8TH FIONA ASOKACITTA (SPH A), 7TH BENEDICT PRAWIRA (Binus School Simprug), 6TH WILLY GUNARDI (SMAK 1 BPK Penabur), 5TH DEBYANCA SAGITASYA (SMAN 2 Tangsel), 4TH EUGENIA LEONETTA (SMAN 2 Tangsel), 3RD ARVID SASTROSATOMO (Binus School Simprug), 2ND GENNESARET KHARISTIO (SMAK 1 BPK Penabur), and 1ST DERRIL PRAMANA TUNGKA (SMAK 1 BPK Penabur).  Debate Competition: 3rd Winner SEKOLAH PELITA HARAPAN B, 2nd Winner SEKOLAH PELITA HARAPAN A, and 1st Winner BINUS SCHOOL. Scrabble competition: 3rd Winner RASTRA TEGUH (BogorAgriculturalUniversity), 2nd Winner HARTANTO WIBISONO (Atma Jaya Catholic University), and 1st Winner ARIO ANANDA (Bogor Agricultural University). Newscasting competition: 3rd Winner AZZAH AL ZAHRA FARRAS (SekolahMenengahCikal AMRI), 2nd Winner M. ARIF RIFAI (EsoUnila), and 1st Winner RAISSA CHENTAMI (LSPR). Spelling Bee competition: 3rd Winner MUHAMMAD ZAKY ASHSHIDDIEQI (Kafilla Islamic School), 2nd Winner AUDREY SIMANANDA (UMN), and 1st Winner DYAH AYU MEGANTARI SOESETYO PUTRI (SMAK Kolese Santo Yusuf Malang). Speech competition: 3rd Winner RANNAARTHAJAYANTI (Telkom University), 2nd Winner SHANIASAFIRAHAROEN (LSPR), and 1st Winner TIFFANY REVILIA (SMAK Tirta Marta Penabur). Story Writing competition: 3rd Winner BENEDIKTUS GIOVANITO ANTAPUTRA (Universitas Indonesia), 2nd Winner JEIHAN WITOELAR SUMAWINATA (SMA Cikal AMRI), and 1st Winner THEODORUS MARCELLO ANTAPUTRA (SMA Santo Aloysius 2 Bandung). Last but not least, our champion of ECOM 2015 goes to London School of Public Relations. Congratulations for all winners and thank you for all participants of ECOM 2015. We hope you had a pleasant travel and we will see you next year.