D’ABC 2015

D’ABC is a prestigious accounting competition held annually by Bina Nusantara International University; an iconic event organized by the Accounting Student Club (ASC) and supported by the Student Committee. In its 11th year of existence, D’abc comes with a new fresh concept: “Bridging Across Borders”. Embodied in this concept is the intention to encourage students to enrich their knowledge especially in accounting field and widen their connection; by being a part of an internationally-based accounting competition. D’abc 2015: Bridging Across Borders aims to broaden students’ accounting comprehension, sharpen their analytical skill in problem solving, as well as foster good interrelationship among various high school and university students in South-East Asia—not only to enrich their academic experiences, but also to build their competitive and champion mentality. This time, D’abc 2015: Bridging Across Borders will be held on 16th – 17th Febuary 2015 ; taking place at Bina Nusantara International University, The Joseph Wibowo Center (JWC).