BINGO (Binus International Game Olympics)

BINGO stands for Binus International Game Olympics, a gaming competition eventorganized by Binus International Computer Society (BINARY). For the first two years, the eventhas been held in Binus Joseph Wibowo Centre and gained more than 60 participants, includingstudents and even the staff of the campus. As the event grew to a bigger scale, in 2012 it wasset off-campus in Digital Longue in Mall of Indonesia, attracting gamers from other areas.

Through many challenges and continuous improvements, eventually BINGO gainedmore support and attention from the gaming communities, thus growing to become one of the most prestigious game competition in Jakarta. Despite its absence in the previous year, weproudly present BINGO 2014′s return as one of the most anticipated gaming event of the year,bringing more improvements and excitement that provide memorable experiences andbeneficial opportunities not only for gamers, but also for our partners, sponsors, andcommittees.

The committee for this event will consist of four competition divisions and 10organizational divisions. BINGO 2014 will bring back three of its most successful and wellknown competitions from its previous year, which are Defense of the Ancient (DotA), FIFA, andPoint Blank. In order to keep up to date with local competitive players’ demands, this year wewill use DotA 2 and add a new game to be competed, which is League of Legends.Furthermore, the event will also have minigame competitions comprising popular mini gamessuch as Flappy Bird, so casual gamers can also take part to have fun in BINGO.

Game Description

1.Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2)

DotA2 is one of the main gaming competitions in BINGO, stands for Defense of the Ancients 2. It is competition in which two teams with five members each compete against each other to defend their ancient tower while also try to destroy the opponent’s. Unpredictable strategy, surprising technique and solid teamwork are required in order to win.

2. Point Blank

Point Blank is one of the main game competition in BINGO. It is a competition which two teams, one team as a Terrorist and the other team as the Counter-terrorist are trying to compete with each other. It is an exciting first person shooter game where a tactic, strategy, and reflex are important.

3. League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends or LoL is one of the main gaming competition in BINGO. It is a competition in which two teams are trying to defend their Nexus and destroy their enemy Nexus. It has the same genre as DotA, however with a different in-game details such as hero and items. Unpredictable strategy, surprising technique and solid teamwork are required in order to win.

4. FIFA 2012

FIFA 12 is one of the main game competition in BINGO which established by EA Sport since many years ago. It is afootball game where everything inside FIFA 12 is like the real football situation such as the rules, the team composition, and also the player characteristics are nearly same. This game will show us the interesting sides of football in video game.

5. Mini Games

Mini Games are small, fast paced game where everyone can try and win by achieving the objectives in the game. In BINGO 2014, we will have Iron Pants, Poko Pang and the popular Flappy Bird as our mini games. In addition, there are also several Windows 8 games developed by Binus International students, especially Computer Science’s, that will be competed as well to both increase the exciting environment in the event and promote their works to people. Every game only have one objective, which is getting the highest scores. Therefore, every players will compete with each other in every game in order to win the prizes.

Date & Venue

Day                        : Friday – Sunday, 11 – 13 July 2014

Time                      : 11AM – 9PM

Place                     : Ritter Cyber Café

JL.Tanjung Duren Utara 3F Blok C No. 92

Tanjung Duren – West Jakarta 11470

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