SIMBIZ 2014 “Becoming Creative Young Entrepreneurs”

Simbiz 2014 is a business simulation competition, which is used to developed skills in investment, entrepreneurship, business and communication in English. This year, we are going to bring Simbiz 2014 to all participants to feel the excitement and thrilling experience to learn business by joining in 3 of our fun and interesting competition: Q&A Rally games, JA Titan Competition and Business Plan Presentation. These games will test the participants to experience on how to develop their business skills in becoming creative young entrepreneurs. Participants from high school and university students are free to join and to be a part of Simbiz 2014.


The Q&A Rally Games is a fun challenge where the challenge will test the participants to do scavenger hunt in Mall Alam Sutra where they will need to find 35 hidden post inside the mall and answer questions from each posts.


In the JA Titan Business Simulation, participants will act as owners of a company where their decision-making skills will put to the test. In this round, participants will need to decide in areas like marketing, product, price and charity for their company.


For the final Business Plan Presentation, participants will need to prepare an original business plan to be presented in front of the judges. In this final round of competition, participant’s entrepreneurial skills will need to out-shine the most to impress the judges.