The 13th Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies

The 13th Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS) is the oldest and largest capital market event held by Management Student Society Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia (MSS FEUI) and supported by Indonesia Stock Exchange, Departement of Finance Republic Indonesia, and ICMSS’ partners. In this 13th year, ICMSS aims to give information about capital markets, ranging from instruments, how to be a good investor or trader, recent issues and the development of capital markets every year will be explained by capital market experts and practitioners.

We would like to invite you on February 23rd  – March,1st 2014 in Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia as a delegation of your school in International Conference ICMSS.


Pathway to be The Next Financial Powerhouse

Comprising two-thirds of the world population, 35 percent of its landmass and almost a third of global output, emerging markets are fertile grounds for global investor. These lands offer some of the most dynamic and unique opportunities in terms of investments for growth and development seeking corporations as well as key cogs in the production of world’s goods. These prospects make emerging markets amongst the fastest growing segments in the investing world and are on their way to become an economic superpower

In spite of their allure, many avoid emerging markets out of fear, ignorance, or a belief that they are radically different from developed markets due to its market volatility and political instability. Moreover, The improvement of economic climate throughout developed markets has made emerging markets’ prospects seem questionable. U.S is on the road of recovery from the 2008 global economic crisis while Europe is slowly climbing its way out of the slope. These improvements in developed markets surely create more dillemas in investors’ mind with regards to where to invest their capital.

With all the doubts surrounding them, can emerging markets still fulfill all the prophecy pertaining to their prospects? This year’s theme was chosen to fill the fundamental knowledge gap in understanding the said market and whether it has what it takes to become the new financial powerhouse.

Delegates will look into close issues related to these emerging markets and give their personal insights according to the topic. Many other discussions and seminars led by prominent and profound speakers as well as professionals will also be held in regard to the topic of emerging markets around the world.